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  • 2018 List of Globally Systemically Important Banks Published
    The Financial Stability Board has published the 2018 list of global systemically important banks. Alongside the 2018 G-SIB list, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has published further information relating to its 2018 assessment of G-SIBs, including:
    • a list of all the banks in the assessment sample;
    • the denominators of each of the 12 high-level indicators used to calculate the banks' scores;
    • the 12 high-level indicators for each bank in the sample used to calculate these denominators;
    • the cut-off score used to identify G-SIBs in the updated list and the thresholds used to allocate G-SIBs to buckets for the purpose of calculating the specific higher loss absorbency requirements; and
    • links to disclosures of all banks in the assessment sample.

    The Basel Committee assessment was based on its 2013 methodology for identifying G-SIBs. The revised 2018 assessment methodology will apply from 2021, based on end-2020 data and the corresponding higher loss absorbency requirements will apply from January 1, 2023.

    View the 2018 G-SIB list.

    View details of the revised assessment framework for G-SIBs.

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