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  • UK Finalizes Framework for Consolidated Tape for Bonds

    Following its consultation last year, the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority has published its final framework for a consolidated tape for bonds. MiFID II introduced requirements for a CT for transactions in equity and non-equity instruments. It requires a consolidated tape provider to collect post-trade information published by trading venues and approved publication arrangements and to consolidate this into a continuous live data stream made available to the public. No consolidated tape has yet been set up in either the U.K. or the EU. The Financial Services and Markets Act 2023 gave the FCA rule-making powers for Data Reporting Service Providers, enabling it to set a framework for the development of a CT.

    The FCA's policy statement sets out its rules and guidance on the bond CT, which are due to come into force on April 5, 2024, which is the anticipated date that the draft Data Reporting Services Regulations 2023 are expected to enter into force, subject to Parliamentary process. The DRSRs 2023 will replace the Data Reporting Services Regulations 2017, restating with modifications some of the 2017 content. The tender process for the bond CTP will kick-off in 2024.

    The FCA's final policy is set out in a paper that also gives the FCA's response to feedback on a CT for equities and sets out proposals on payments to data providers by the bond CTP and forms for a Data Reporting Service Provider, adapted to reflect the DRSRs 2023 and the FCA's Handbook amendments. Responses to the FCA's proposals may be submitted until February 9, 2024. The FCA is aiming to finalize those rules and forms for April 5, 2024 too.

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