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  • EU Handbook on Valuation for Purposes of Resolution
    Following a consultation process in November 2018, the European Banking Authority has published a Handbook on valuation for purposes of resolution. The Handbook, which is addressed to national and EU resolution authorities, aims at fostering the convergence and consistency of valuation practices as well as the interaction with independent valuers across the EU.

    The Handbook is the result of close cooperation with national resolution authorities and the Single Resolution Board. It is intended to bridge the resolution regulatory approach with valuation practices, by: (i) providing concrete guidance on the practical steps of the valuation process and the specific valuation criteria applicable to the various resolution tools; and (ii) with a view to facilitating the adoption of an informed decision by the resolution authority, indicating the content that is expected to be included in the valuation report. The Handbook focuses on valuations before resolution and as such supports resolution decisions, which immediately impact shareholders and creditors. However, it also covers valuations after resolution, aimed to determine the "no creditor worse off" principle, which provides that no creditor or shareholder shall incur greater losses than they would have incurred if the institution had been wound up under normal insolvency proceedings.

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