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  • EU EMIR 3 Proposals Published

    The European Commission published proposals to amend the EU's European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) in December 2022 (EMIR 3). According to the Commission, some of these measures are aimed at improving the competitiveness of EU CCPs and of EU clearing activities, and to reduce existing reliance by EU counterparties on U.K. CCPs. Since the Brexit referendum, the EU has been grappling with the bloc's continued reliance on U.K. CCPs. The most controversial aspect is a new mandate for EU counterparties to hold "active accounts" at EU CCPs for all products, and to use such accounts for some products.

    EMIR 3 would also bring in several technical changes relating to the clearing thresholds and how these operate for non-EU exchange trade derivatives (ETDs) and the exemption for certain intragroup transactions. Other proposals seek to mitigate some of the issues arising from the strain on the energy market, in particular the difficulties in fulfilling margin obligations.

    Our client note, "Clearing in the EU After EU EMIR 3" describes the EMIR 3 proposals in more detail.

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