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  • US Federal Reserve Board Releases 2018 CCAR Results
    The U.S. Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System announced the results of this year's Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review process. This year, 35 financial institutions participated in the CCAR process. The CCAR process consists of a quantitative assessment, which evaluates an institution's capital adequacy and planned capital distributions against its ability to continue operating and lending throughout times of economic and financial market stress. In addition to the quantitative analysis, institutions that are designated "large and complex firms" or supervised by the Large Institution Supervision Coordinating Committee are subject to a qualitative assessment, which evaluates the reliability of each institution's analyses and other processes for capital planning. Of the 35 institutions that participated, 18 were subject to both quantitative and qualitative assessments, while the remaining 17 were only subject to the quantitative assessment. In connection with the CCAR process, the Federal Reserve Board objected to the capital plan of one institution due to qualitative concerns. Two institutions were issued a conditional no-objection to their capital plans and will be required to maintain their capital distributions at the levels paid by these institutions in recent years. A third institution was issued a conditional no-objection to its capital plan, subject to the institution "taking certain steps regarding the management and analysis of its counterparty exposures under stress."

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