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  • Financial Stability Board Launches Third Thematic Peer Review on Bank Resolution Planning
    The Financial Stability Board has launched its third thematic peer review on bank resolution planning, with the aim of evaluating implementation, by FSB member jurisdictions, of the resolution planning standard contained in the FSB's Key Attributes of Effective Resolution Regimes for Financial Institutions and associated guidance for banks.

    The third thematic peer review will cover resolution planning for all globally or domestically systemically important banks in FSB member jurisdictions and any other banks that could be systemic in failure and that are included in resolution planning at a jurisdictional level. Given that much of the FSB's work has focused on G-SIBs in recent years, the focus of this third review will be on banks other than G-SIBs. It will consider how, and to what extent, the expectations in FSB guidance have been applied to these institutions.

    The FSB is seeking feedback from financial institutions, industry, consumer associations and other stakeholders on aspects of bank resolution planning that are covered by the peer review, including on:
    • the adequacy and nature of requirements and practices for resolution planning in FSB jurisdictions, including proportionality considerations for different types of banks;
    • the nature and scope of guidance issued by national regulators on resolution planning;
    • experiences and challenges from the development of resolution strategies and plans, including in a cross-border context;
    • the adequacy of public disclosures on bank resolution planning; and
    • experiences and challenges in addressing barriers to resolvability, and implications for resolution planning.

    A separate questionnaire has already been sent to national regulators in FSB member jurisdictions. Feedback from stakeholders is invited by July 4, 2018 via email. Individual submissions will not be made public. The FSB expects to publish a peer review report in the first half of 2019.

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