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  • EU Proposed Guidelines on Position Calculation by a Trade Repository
    The European Securities and Markets Authority has published proposed Guidelines on position calculation by trade repositories under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation. EMIR requires that derivatives contracts are reported to a trade repository by the parties to the contract or the CCP. Reporting parties do not have to report their trades to the same trade repositories. Instead, trade repositories must take steps to reconcile records among one another.  Repositories are required to calculate the positions by class of derivatives and the reporting entity, based on the reports received. Trade repositories are also required to publish aggregate positions by class of derivatives. ESMA is proposing new Guidelines for trade repositories on calculating the positions because trade repositories have adopted different and inconsistent approaches to position calculation which thwarts the aggregation of data across trade repositories for the purpose of monitoring systemic risks to financial stability. The proposed Guidelines seek to ensure consistency between trade repository position calculations so that overall entity-level positions can be determined by the supervising authorities. The proposed Guidelines include high-level principles and specific procedures for trade repositories to follow and require trade repositories to make available position data in four separate reports – a Position Set, Currency Position Set, Collateral Set and Collateral Currency Position Set.

    ESMA is requesting feedback on the proposed Guidelines by January 15, 2018. ESMA expects to publish a final report and final Guidelines in the first half of 2018.

    View the proposed Guidelines.
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