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  • EU Response to UK Letter on Negotiating Positions

    The EU's chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, has responded to the letter of May 19, 2020 of U.K. chief negotiator, David Frost. Mr. Frost had notified Mr. Barnier that the U.K. government had published U.K. drafts of the proposed Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement between the U.K. and EU, as well as other agreements and schedules. Mr. Frost's letter had also included comments on some of the EU positions in the negotiations. In his letter, Mr. Barnier states that he does not think that the substantive points of the negotiation should be debated through written correspondence, however, he does go on to respond to the comments. Mr. Barnier states that the EU is not bound to follow as precedent deals that the EU has concluded with other countries, and that the EU is only following the commitments made in the Political Declaration agreed between the EU and the U.K. in October 2019. Mr. Barnier also emphasises that the EU is seeking to obtain a "level playing field", which, according to the EU's chief negotiator means upholding the current common high standards applicable in the EU and in the U.K. at the end of the transition period in the areas of state aid, competition, social and employment standards, environment, climate change and relevant tax matters. It would mean that the U.K. could impose tougher regulations after the transitional period, but would be tied to the existing EU level of standards.

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