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  • EU Authority Issues Statement on Reverse Solicitation under MiFID II

    The European Securities and Markets Authority has issued a statement reminding firms of the rules on reverse solicitation under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and Regulation. MiFID II provides that EU retail or professional clients may reach outside the EU and acquire services and products from non-EU investment banks (known as "reverse solicitation") and that in these circumstances the third-country firm is exempt from the requirement to establish an EU branch. ESMA has issued the statement following what it describes as "questionable practices" materializing following the end of the Brexit transition period, where firms have purported to opt clients into "reverse solicitation" through either generic terms and conditions amendments or click-through "I agree" boxes online. It is clear from this guidance that ESMA's view is that more is needed than this to invoke the reverse solicitation regime. Notably, the ESMA report does not criticise more robust reverse solicitation protocols that are currently being seen in the market, such as a termination notice by the U.K. service provider of the existing agreement, sometimes with a covering note that the client could at its initiative reach out afresh to request entry into of a new agreement should it so desire.

    View ESMA's statement on reverse solicitation.

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